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The film "SOUND AND SILENCE" portrays Toshio, (72), and Shizuko Orimo, (75), a couple and improvisation duo who have lived in Kawasaki, Japan, since 1981, which vehemently opposes materialistic thinking and any kind of commercialization.

The 'poles' SOUND and SILENCE talk about their development from punk musicians to activists in the peace and anti-nuclear movement, as well as their journey as a couple. Throughout their lives, they navigated through Japanese society, which was characterized by pressure to conform, with their free-spirited lifestyle, which also left its mark on the life of their son Sabu. Until the very end, they followed their vision of changing the world to a more peaceful one in an unconventional way.

In the playful development of their individual selves as musicians and as a couple, they take the right to live the life that fills them with meaning. This also reflects the knowledge of transience - as the essence of life.

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